2016 Chinese New Year Celebration


What a great time we had this year!  Thank you to all the Faculty, Children, Parent volunteers and local donations for making this year’s new year celebration so much fun…

it all started with our Misstress’ of Ceremonies opening announcements followed by our American National Anthem…we are so lucky to be in the country and still be celebrating our heritage!

A lovely address by our Principal and Chairman of the board got us off to a good start followed by our lovely children waking up the big guardian lions to perform their celebratory Lion Dance.

Next we enjoyed watching our young ones in Beginner 1 and 2 sing a Happy New Year song…soooo cute!

Then our Intermediate 2 class demonstrated a very fun Bamboo Sticks Dance…amazing!

Next our Intermediate 1 group shared with us a Greetings Song…so excellent and clear…well done!

Then our Advanced class shared with us “The Fool Moved Mountains”…so well done…we loved it!

Next our Intermediate 2 class danced for us again with the wonderful Ribbon Dance!  Amazing, they didn’t step on each other’s ribbons…great job ladies!

Then, our Beginner 2 class showered us again with greatness…with the skit, “Where’s my stuff”…they did sooo well again!

A nice address from our Parent’s Association leader, and everyone was off to enjoy some delicious food, socialize and make good relationships to start off the new year.

Thank you everyone for creating this wonderful event and giving us all an opportunity to come together and form relationships!

Together we stand!