The Chinese American Cultural Association of Rockland, Inc., (CACAR), is a non-profit, non-political, cultural organization established in 1997 to promote and advance the diverse cultural heritage of the Chinese community and community at large in Rockland County and its surrounding communities.

We provide The Rockland Chinese School, for Mandarin Language Learning and cultural enrichment for children to learn Mandarin Chinese language and elements of Chinese culture, history and tradition. 

With globalization and a growing importance of the Chinese language in education, business and society, CACAR’s program of Mandarin Chinese increases skills and cultural awareness for community families and their children.

Our children learn a diverse, dynamic and rich skill set in language, enabling them to make greater contributions to society.

Further goals of the Chinese American Cultural Association, Inc. are to introduce the essence of Chinese culture to the American public, to promote inter-cultural understanding, and to build bridges between communities.

Our Program

The Rockland Chinese School offers a 2 hour session of Mandarin Language Learning at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of the Chinese language, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Further, our school offers a 1 hour Chinese Culture Lab from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Classes are held on Sundays of the week.

  – Accepting students from ages 6 and up

  – We offer an enjoyable approach to learning the Mandarin Language, especially designed for non-Chinese speaking children and their parents.

– We strive to maintain small class sizes to ensure our students get the individual time and attention they need for learning.

– Our Mandarin Language classes are conducted in both Chinese and English.


樂倫中美文化協會始創於一九九七年,是一個非牟利、非宗教及非政治性組織,主旨是為樂倫郡和週邊社區提供一所良好的中國文化學習中心, 推廣中國文化和中西文化交流。


樂倫中文學校成立巳有四十年,我們設有初級班、中級班和高級班,每班均為二小時的指定語文課和一小時的選修文化課,文化課有書法班、功夫班、舞獅班和其它選擇。在我們生動和友善的優良環境中, 學生還有機會在認字比賽、演講比賽和節日慶典中使用中文,提高將中文成為他們第二語言的學習興趣

Our School

Mandarin Language Class

We offer 5 levels of Mandarin Language learning with small class sizes, taught by native Mandarin speakers

Culture Lab

We offer a Culture Lab experience in which students are exposed to various arts and crafts and cultural experiences relating to Chinese culture.


Our teachers have many years of experience in teaching younger children.

(845) 391-3987

Dominican College-Casey Hall, Orangeburg NY 10962.
Mailing address: PO Box 304, Orangeburg, NY 10962


Sunday, 2:00-5:00 PM